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All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) is the representative body of the Rubber industries belonging mostly to the MSME Sector. AIRIA has four regional offices, viz: Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western, situated at four Metro Cities and one Chapter at Pune.

The Eastern Region of AIRIA took initiative to promote setting up a Rubber Park by its members, for its members with the object of setting up their individual manufacturing units which will have developed infrastructure facilities, virtually free from any pollution without causing any adverse impact on the environment of the area where the Rubber Park will be situated, technological up gradation, improving upon the product quality and productivity to meet the challenges of globalization as there is very little scope for development of such facilities in their existing location.

For sustained development and growth of the rubber industry in the state, as well as socio economic development of the area where the Rubber Park will be located, Govt. of West Bengal took a keen interest in the matter right from the stage of selecting the site, assisting in obtaining the grant under the Industrial Infrastructure Up gradation Scheme (IIUS) from the Department of Industrial Policy Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Govt. of India and implementation of the Rubber Park project by involving the state machineries.

The All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) decided to set up the Rubber Park at Domjur in the District of Howrah, West Bengal about 15 kilometer from the heart of the city and started purchasing parcels of land from the respective land owners at negotiated price. As a measure of adding impetus for setting up the Rubber Park, The Govt. of West Bengal granted waiver of payment of 50% of Stamp Duty and Registration fees for purchase of land in the name of AIRIA for the Rubber Park.

As on date, about 92.60 acres land has been directly purchased from the respective land owners. Out of 92.60 acres purchased land about 77.6 acres land would be utilized in the 1st phase of the project, leaving 15 acres land kept aside which are not contiguous to the present project site for future use. The project area has been estimated to be about 92.6 acres excluding 18.05 acres of land, acquisition process of which by Govt. of West Bengal completed recently.

Since bearing the entire cost of development of the infrastructure, besides the cost of land, by the stake holders in the Rubber Park, who belong mostly to MSME Sector would cause hardship to such stake holders financial assistance under the IIUS from the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India, was sought for. Having examined various aspects of the proposal as contained in the DPR (Detailed Project Report), the Govt. of India sanctioned the grant of Rs. 1571.75 lakhs against estimated project cost of Rs. 2974 lakhs, being about 52% of the cost of various infrastructure like Roads, Sewerage and Drainage, Water Supply, Power Supply, and other Common Facilities, the balance amount of Rs.1402.25 lakhs to be raised by users contributions. In the financial year 2012-13 project cost has been revised to Rs.4100.50 lakhs with the approval of DIPP Govt. of India. Stake holders contribution revised for Rs. 2238.75 lakha in lieu of Rs. 1402.25 lakhs. The State Govt. has sanctioned and disbursed a Grant of Rs.290 lakhs

As a pre-requisite of sanctioning the grant by the (DIPP), a Company, (Special Purpose Vehicle) had to be formed under the Companies Act, 1956. Accordingly, South Asia Rubber & Polymers Park Limited was incorporated on 16.02.2005 as a public limited Company. The Authorized share Capital of the Company is Rs. 50 lakhs being the total value of 50000 equity shares of Rs.10/- each and the Paid-up Capital of the Company is Rs.5 lakhs. Though South Asia Rubber & Polymers Park Ltd (SARPOL) has been constituted for the specific purpose of creation of the infrastructure at the Rubber Park project and the maintenance of the same after completion of the construction of the project for the exclusive use by its members and looking after the common interest of the members, without having any profit motive. Inadvertently the Company was incorporated as a Public Limited Company and subsequently with effect from 30.08.2010 the company converted into a section 25 company and the word “Limited” was deleted from the name of the company appearing as "SOUTH ASIA RUBBER & POLYMERS PARK" in place of SOUTH ASIA RUBBER & POLYMERS PARK LIMITED.

The Company is headed by the Managing Director, West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC) as Ex-officio Non-Executive Chairman, Director of Industries, Government of West Bengal as the nominee Director of Government of West Bengal, One nominee Directors from the DIPP, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, two eminent Rubber Technologist from IIT, Kharagpur and The University of Calcutta and eight Directors from the stake holders of the rubber industries. The constitution of the present Board of South Asia Rubber & Polymers Park is depicted below:

Smt. Vandana Yadav
Managing Director, WBIDC
Nominee Directors
Smt. Vandana Yadav
IAS, Managing Director, WBIDC
Smt. Sunita Yadav
Director, DIPP, Govt. of India
Smt. Debjani Bhattacharya
WBCS (Exe), Additional Director of Industries, Government of West Bengal
Dr. Abhijit Bandopadhyay
Head, Department of Polymer Science & Technology, University of Calcutta.
Company Directors
Mr. Swapan Kumar Dey
Managing Director
83, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata-700017
Mr. Zafar Ahmed
30/2, Jhowtala Road, Kolkata-700 017
Mr. Kamal K. Chowdhury
BD/286, Salt Lake City, SAector-I,
Mr. Subrata Banik
79/2, A.J.C.Bose Road,
Ajanta House, Kolkata- 700014
Mr. Syed Shahzad Zaman
58B, Lower Range, Ballygunge,
Mr. Santanu Ranjan Sengupta
12, K.B.Sarani, Flat No. 3, Swapnaneer Appartment, DumDum,
Mr. MD Asif Khan
70C, Debendra Chandra Dey Road, Kolkata-700015
Mr. Munindra Gupta
Shivam Appartment,
76/3, Christopher Road,,